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Update:March 10, 2012

Shopping & Eating

Tatsuno Soy Sauce

Tatsuno Soy Sauce Photo

Tatsuno is one of the four soy sauce production areas in Japan. With its low iron content, the water of Ibo River is perfect for making light soy sauce.

Tenobe Somen (Ibonoito)

Tenobe Somen (Ibonoito) Photo

A superb product painstakingly manufactured by highly skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

Soy Sauce Manju

Soy Sauce Manju Photo

Bean paste bun with a light soy sauce flavored skin.

Plum Kohaku

Plum Kohaku Photo

A plum wine dessert of ‘nanko’ plum from the Kishu area (Wakayama) wrapped in an amber colored jelly.

Sweetfish Sugatayaki

Sweetfish Sugatayaki Photo

Rice cake sweets in the image of grilled sweetfish containing strained bean paste.

Plum Products

Plum Products Photo

 Processed products such as pickled plums, plum juice and plum jam made from the green plums of the Mt. Ayabe plum groves in Mitsu-cho.

Tourist Information/Shop – Sakura-michi.

Tourist Information/Shop – Sakura-michi. Photo

You can enjoy the local specialty somen noodles at this shop located in Tatsuno Park.


69-1 Shimokajo, Tatsuno-cho



Opening Hours

10:00am – 4:00pm


Monday (the day after if Monday is a National Holiday.)

Admission Fee

10 spaces

Plum Wine, “Ayabe-no-Hana”

Plum Wine, “Ayabe-no-Hana” Photo

The wine uses 100% of green plum ‘gyokuei’ extract from the plums at Mt. Ayabe plum groves.

Leather Goods

Leather Goods Photo

Leather developed as a local industry, and today the main products manufactured are primary goods (tanned leather) and secondary goods (gloves for industrial use etc.)

Purple and Black Rice Products, “Murasaki-no-Mai”

Purple and Black Rice Products, “Murasaki-no-Mai” Photo

The pericarp of ‘shikokumai’ (purple and black rice) contains anthocyanin pigments and many health products which use this rice such as vinegar, miso, somen noodles, and bread etc. are being developed.

School Satchels

School Satchels Photo

The area boasts the highest production volume and market share in the industry.

Sweetfish Dishes

Sweetfish Dishes Photo

In June people enjoy young sweetfish as the first fish of the season. The fish become even more delicious at the end of the rainy season when they become fattier.

Ibogawa Tomatoes

Ibogawa Tomatoes Photo

These high quality sweet Ibogawa tomatoes can be eaten almost all year round.

Grilled Conger Eel

Grilled Conger Eel Photo

A delicious grilled dish of fresh conger eel.

Sand Lance Kugini

Sand Lance Kugini Photo

Fresh sand lance fish boiled in sugar and soy sauce (‘kugini’ style) is the taste of the spring season.

Nariyama Shinden Vegetables

Nariyama Shinden Vegetables Photo

The fresh radishes and carrots are grown on reclaimed land which is a nationally designated production area.

Sake, “Shinriki”

Sake, “Shinriki” Photo

This sake is made from ‘shinriki’- a kind of rice discovered by Maruo Jujiro, who was from Mitsu-cho.