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Update:March 10, 2012


Tatsuno Park

A famous place to view cherry blossoms. It is said 3,000 trees can be seen in a single glance.

Mt. Keiro

Covered in primeval forest, Mt. Keiro is the symbol of Tatsuno.

Momiji Valley

The perfect place to enjoy autumn leaves and hiking.

Ibogawa Seseragi Park

A multi-purpose nature park by the Ibo River.


A 5,250m long walking course. At the summit there is an observation deck and a bell of happiness.

Cosmos Fields

Cosmos is grown across approximately 5 hectares of fallow field. The flowers are in full bloom from early to mid-October.

Ayabeyama Plum Grove Park

A plum grove of stunning scenic beauty strecthing over 24 hectares across the slopes of Mt. Ayabe, with views of 20,000 trees in a single glance and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

Rape Blossom Fields

Approximatley 15 hectares of flower fields. The flowers can also be eaten.

World Plum Park

A beautiful park with Chinese style buildings and around 350 kinds of plum blossoms from around the world in bloom.

Murotsu Port

Murotsu Port was one of the five Seppan-gohaku ports opened by the Buddhist priest Gyoki in the Tempyo Era (729-749). It thrived as an important port of the Seto Inland Sea in the Age of Sail, and there are many legends and secret stories remaining about it being the origin of courtesans.

Harima Science Garden City Tulip Garden

Around 60,000 tulips bloom from mid-April to early May.

Suspension Bridge

A 159m long suspension bridge that crosses Ibo River. It is lit up at night.

Higashiyama Park

A park famous for its azaleas and autumn leaves. It is lit up at night for a limited time during the autumn leaves viewing season.