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Update:March 10, 2012

City Symbol, Flower and Tree

City Symbol

The symbol is the stylized image of the letter ‘T’, the first letter of the city’s name.

The shining sun, fruitful land and the fresh air rising from the Ibo River are shown in three colors – red, green and blue, and the symbol represents a city blessed with nature and soaring into the future.

City Flower/City Tree

City Flower – Cherry Blossom

The blossom is a member of the Rosaceae family, and Japan has the largest variety. In ancient times it was called the ‘king of flowers’ and as a national flower of Japan, was long ago taken to mean ‘flower’ itself.

City Tree - Plum

A member of the Rosaceae family, the plum tree originated in China and has over 300 varieties. In early spring the leaves grow and white, red and pale pink blossoms bloom, and it has long been loved by Japanese people.