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Update:March 10, 2012

Seal Registration

Seal registration officially verifies the seal of an individual. Each person can register one seal.

The seal registration certificate is an important document that is required when buying or selling property or land, or borrowing or lending money etc., to prove the person's seal is official.

As such, application to register the seal must be made in person at the service counter.

In the case of illness etc., application can be made by a representative, as long as they have a letter of proxy as proof.

It will take a few days to process the application for registration if an official proof of identification (with photo) is not provided or if the application is made by proxy.

Eligible applicants

People with a registered address in Tatsuno City, or those who have completed alien registration. (Those under 15 or incapacitated adults cannot register.)

Documents required

When application is made in person

  • (1) The seal you wish to register.
  • (2) Proof of identification
    (Identification must be an officially issued document such as a driver’s license or passport, with a photo.)
  • (3) If the proof of identification in (2) is not available, a health insurance card etc. can be shown, however the details will have to confirmed by post.

When application is made by proxy.

  • (1) The seal you wish to register.
  • (2) The proxy’s own (informal) seal.
  • (3) Letter of Proxy
  • (4) Proof of the proxy’s identification (driver’s license etc.)

About registration

If the identification in (2) is not provided, or if the application is made by proxy, a letter will be sent to the holder of the seal to confirm the registration application. Registration will be completed when the person in question or the proxy brings a written reply confirming the application.

Seals that cannot be registered

  • (1) Seals with an unclear impression or illegible characters.
  • (2) Seals made of rubber or other materials which can change shape easily.
  • (3) Seals which show information other than the applicants name, such as occupation or qualifications.
  • (4) Seals smaller that 8 mm or larger than 25 mm.

* The seal registration card must be returned in the event of death or when the seal holder moves from the city.